We have identified eleven basic types of modules that can serve most of the functions we envision are needed.

Each module can vary according to the need, budget, and particulars of the functions intended for it in any given location. For the purposes of this study, we have chosen to represent them in three sizes;'minimum"Standard"Maximurn Each 'size' is designed to correspond to different levels of financial capability, as well as frequency and quantity of use. In addition, they can be customized to easily to respond to local needs.

Noll &Tarn Architects collaborated with Matthew Williams Design to create a sense of identity through bold graphics and signage. Thus, a method of interface for the digital library is introduced to the public in an easiily recognizable and accessible manner.

 01 Collaborate
 02 Scanner 
 03 Audio Record + Remix 
 04 Video Record + Remix 
 05 Display 
 06 Print 
 07 Hardware Checkout 
 08 Information 
 09 Digital Design 
 10 Book Binding 
 11 Curation